BKN-Development provides consulting services in different areas of real estate and development

  • As regards the pre-investment analysis of construction projects, the due diligence procedure is conducted to form an unbiased idea of the investment property:

  • analyzing the legal relationship between title holders from the moment of property creation to acquisition of the title by the end buyer;

  • studying the set of permits and approvals accompanying the process of property creation;

  • identifying the existing encumbrances and/or third parties that may affect the freedom of property disposal;

  • identifying the risks involved in formalizing the rights to the property, its use and intended purpose;

  • recommendations for the removal of risks and minimization of their consequences;

  • Checking and legal assessment of the claims and forensic disputes initiated by third parties in connecion with property utilization. 

  • As regards the Law Consulting, BKN-Development: 

  • performs full legal support of the process of legal acquisition as part of the project;

  • develops the legal algorithms of transactions with investment projects;

  • models jural relations between the participants of investment activity;

  • provides legal recommendations for the development of optimal project management forms and safe methods of asset acquisition;

  • Gives advice and clears up certain issues within the project's investment activity;

  • Develops draft agreements, forms and terms of transactions and other project documentation. 

  • As regards the assessment of financial-economic parameters of investment projects, BKN-Development provides the following services: 

    • analyzing the project's investment appeal;
    • calculating the cost of investment project implementation;
    • assessing the effectiveness of investment terms and financial schemes in implementing an investment project;
    • calculating the estimated cost of the investment project's construction part. 
  • As regards the Tax Consulting and streamlining, BKN-Development performs:

    • the calculation of tax deductions (encumbrances/consequences) for the chosen legal form of completing transactions with properties both for residents and non-residents.

Consulting services are based on the current legislation as well as the extensive practical experience of our specialists.