Urban Planning Consulting



BKN-Development's broad range of consulting services covers the entire development cycle.

  • Urban planning consulting – BKN-Development performs a comprehensive analysis of the real estate object in view of urban planning law in order to determine the optimal development strategy for the investment project (Land Development):

  • It identifies potential locations for the real estate object that accord with legal norms

  • It assesses the feasibility of building the object, taking into account encumbrances on the site (protection zones established by the Committee for Public Use and Protection of Monuments, water protection zones, green spaces, utility network protection zones)

  • It evaluates actual engineering support at the site (the ability to obtain technical specifications from the municipal and regional engineering services)

  • It defines the potential construction site's parameters

  • It issues recommendations for optimizing the project's constraints and encumbrances


  • Territorial development – the company performs a comprehensive analysis of the construction site or existing real estate object in order to determine the economic appeal of the project's development strategy at any stage of construction (Development):


  • It analyzes the best and most efficient commercial use (BEST USE)

  • It develops concepts for the use of the site (object)

  • It reviews the potential forand feasibility of redeveloping and repositioning an existing real estate object

  • It reviews existing concepts or design solutions


  • At the stage of support for the construction process (Project Management), BKN-Development:


  • Assesses the completeness of existing design documentation

  • Analyzes the packet of initial permits and approvals and issues opinions

  • Evaluates the notes made by the authorities on the design documentation in order to identify the demands not met in the construction process

  • Checks to ensure that the construction work matches the approved design documentation

  • Ensures that there are contracts with subcontractors for the amount of work needed to complete construction


BKN-Development can offer consulting services in both an integrated form and in various combinations, depending on the needs of the Investor and Owner.