Real Estate Investments



It is important for the property owner to rest assured that the assets generate cash flows quite effectively.

BKN-Development can make your real estate assets a more efficient income-generating instrument.

To achieve this goal, the experts of BKN-Development will analyze your property utilization and offer more efficient uses.

Services for propert owners:

  • Auditing real estate assets

  • Analyzing possible property utilization alternatives (new build, redevelopment, reconception)

  • Integrated analysis within the current urban development regulation framework

  • Preparing recommendations regarding the optimization of restrictions and encumbrances on a project

  • Conducting consultations for effective positioning on the market

  • Developing the property utilization concept

  • Concept visualization

  • Conducting economic calculations

  • Attracting additional investments to a project


After analyzing the potential of your properties we'll propose further collaboration options:

  • Redeeming the rights to your property for further investing

  • Joint implementation of a new project on the terms agreed with you


BKN-Development is engaged with investment and construction companies willing to invest in real estate, land or investment projects in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In the interests of Investors BKN-Development provides the following services:

  • Selecting an investment property (land, building, property, other assets)

  • Evaluating and choosing a property in line with the Investor's criteria

  • Analyzing the investment appeal of a particular investment asset

  • Identifying and analyzing the risks and ways of their minimization

  • Developing the strategy of property acquisition

  • Holding negotiations with owners

  • Closing the deal and its all-round support


After a deal is closed the company's experts will continue the consulting support of Investors on all issues related to the acquired property utilization.

BKN-Development also offers elaborate and ready to implement projects in all real estate market segments: housing construction, integrated development projects, cottage communities, commercial real estate, industrial and logistics complexes.