Integrated Development



Providing a range of services in the area of integrated development is the key competence of BKN-Development.

The company's experts have rich experience in the delivery of such large-scale projects. Total area of the sites, for which integrated development concepts have been developed and designed, exceeds _____ hectares.


The main types of services provided by BKN-Development in the field of integrated development include:

  • Looking for the investment land:

    • monitoring the real estate market and spotting potentially promising territories;
    • preliminary assessment of the territory in terms of the development potential.


  • Developing the preliminary project concept:

    • Best use analysis of the land;
    • Analyzing the project's economic expediency (financial model, determining the financial result).
  • Looking for opportunities to lift/remove the effective limitations and encumbrances.


  • Conceptual development with regard for the optimal use of the territory and economic effectiveness of the created projects.


  • Determining the method of providing utilities on the given territory.


  • Developing a full package of town-planning documents.


  • Preparing a full package of initial planning permits.


  • Preparing the design documents in full volume.


  • Agreeing the design documents with municipal committees, services and departments.


  • Managing the construction activities.


  • Overseeing the construction and assembly works.


  • Project commissioning.


  • Project registration.


  • Handover of the property to tenants and organization of the facility management process.


Analyzing the composition and volumes of social, commercial and engineering parts of the project, forecasting the future demand, competent phasing, keeping within the norms of town-planning documentation and looking for optimal positioning niches take on special significance in the delivery of large-scale projects.

The experts of BKN-Development are ready to offer the Client the integrated solution of all issues related to providing the necessary on-site utilities, supporting and managing the process of delivering large-scale integrated development projects.