Project Managment


Our company uses an integrated approach to project management: from looking for attractive properties and conceptual development to design, construction and commissioning.

Trusting the project management to our company's professionals, the Investor is assured of:

rational project structure (planning of works at all stages, developing the key estimated figures);

distributing the volumes and times for individual works;

predictable project completion times;

regular summary schedules of project delivery;

time-domain analysis of the developed project plan;

clear understanding of the volumes of requisite resources;

planning the project's human resources and their effective management;

calculation of the total budget for a construction project with a breakdown by stages;

managing the quality of design and construction solutions, engaged resources and executed works;

planning and taking account of the risks;

checking the course of project implementation.


Stages of the integrated approach to project management for the land owner (seller):

  • Best use assessment

  • Conceptual development

  • Determining the starting price

  • Developing the baseline transaction model

  • Organizing the attraction of investments into a project

  • Developing draft contracts

  • Holding negotiations with potential Investors

  • Closing the deal and its full support

In working with the property owner BKN-Development is geared at determining the best use for the available real estate.

The stages of integrated approach to project management for the land Investor (Buyer):

Stage 1: selecting the investment land

  • Forming the mandate for land selection

  • Primary selection of optimal plots of land (properties)

  • Preliminary expert analysis of the selected plots of land

  • Ranking of properties in accordance with the Client's priorities

  • Detailed analysis of each of the selected properties

  • Preliminary conceptual development

  • Primary negotiations on the Investor-selected properties

  • Giving recommendations and conclusions on the properties

  • Choosing the investment property


Stage 2: organizing and finalizing the deal  

  • Performing the preliminary due diligence procedure

  • Offer to the land owner

  • Organizing the talking process

  • Determining of and agreeing on the scheme and terms of the deal

  • Performing the main due diligence procedure

  • Arranging the deal (having the contract developed and approved)


Working of BKN-Development's experts with the Investor boils down to a professional support of the process of acquiring the rights to a property that would fully comply with the development tasks.

BKN-Development possesses the essential experience for managing projects in different spheres and can guarantee the successful outcome of its activities.