Client Support Unit


BKN-Development's Client Support Unit provides integrated management of the

investment process and offers full technical support at all stages of construction,

starting with land selection and architectural design and ending with the compilation of

all the necessary documents and commissioning of the facility.

BKN-Development offers the full spectrum of professional services within its Client

• Drafting urban planning documentation

• Urban planning consultations

• Developing the concept of future investment projects

• Drafting, coordinating, and supporting the approval of territorial planning projects

• Organizing engineering surveys

• Securing permission for the conditional use of a land plot or object of capital

• Securing permission to deviate from the limit parameters of the permitted

construction or reconstruction of objects of capital construction

Preparing a package of initial permits

• Receiving an urban development plan

• Receiving a positive review

• Receiving a construction permit

• Receiving a warrant to perform work

• Drafting design documentation

• Organizing a tender to select a design organization

• Drafting, coordinating, and approving technical specifications for the facility being

• Organizing the development of design documentation

• Coordinating design documentation

• Support for construction

• Organizing tenders for subcontractors to perform construction and installation work

• Organizing, planning, and managing construction

• Performing technical supervision over the performance and quality of

construction and installation

• Preparations for commissioning

• Preparing the facility for commissioning

• Accepting the facility from the Contractor and transferring it to the Client

• Commissioning the facility

• Receiving permission to commission the facility

• Transferring the facility to the Client or leaseholders

• Organizing the operation of a property

The Client Support Unit performs accounting, oversees the execution of a project's

budget and payment for labor and services, and provides financial reporting.

Thanks to its integrated approach, streamlined mechanism, and successful experience in

negotiation procedures, BKN-Development guarantees efficiency, reliability, and

quality during the construction process.