Energy Development


BKN-Development offers an integrated solution to the rational use of energy for both

large territories and individual facilities.

The company's specialists assess the possibility and feasibility of using renewable

energy resources in an investment project by employing modern schemes for joint use

with centralized networks, thereby raising a facility's operational efficiency.

In terms of energy development, BKN-Development:

• Gathers data on potential sources of electricity and heat that possesses sufficient

reserves to power the Client's facility

• Selects land plots on the basis of information regarding power reserves and

connection capabilities

• Searches for land sellers in locations of interest

• Audits territories for the possibility of hookup to a centralized power supply

• Develops concepts for providing a site with local power sources

• Receives and coordinates permits and approvals

• Writes up technical specifications for the design

• Designs electricity and heat supply systems, as well as lighting systems for

various types of facilities and territories

• Designs and coordinates local sources

• Builds and installs electricity and heat supply systems, commissons local sources

• Commissions work and signs contracts for permanent electricity and heat supplies

• Assesses the possibility of and adopts solutions with the use of renewable energy

sources, taking geographical location and climate into account.

The company's specialists develop a concept of appropriate energy use, which entails

determining the degree of possible energy conservation and conversion, as well as

identifying the size of reduced costs in all respects of the property's energy use.

By adhering to an energy efficiency policy, BKN-Development raises the appeal of your

BKN-Development offers Clients and Investors an integrated approach to engineering

and utility preparation. Its subsidiary company LLC Pulkovskaya Power Grid Company

can assist in the following areas:

• Building and installing power supply and low current networks

• Commissioning sources of electricity and heat supplies

• Organizing business accounting and subsequent commissioning of facilities