Engineering and Utility Preparation


Integrated engineering and utility preparation holds a special place in the wide range of

services offered by BKN-Development.

Engineering and utility preparation entails a set of engineering efforts to ensure

expedient urban planning at the construction site.

This type of preparation involves creating unified engineering infrastructure for both

greenfield and brownfield projects. The measures taken include:

• Design and survey work

• The provision of engineering resources to the territory

• If it is impossible or economically inefficient to connect to centralized networks,

we develop a concept to provide the land plot with local energy sources

• Utility line construction

• The construction and installation of electricity and heat supply systems, the

launch of local sources

BKN-Development offers integrated solutions for engineering and utility preparation

that make it possible to work with facilities of any complexity. For each territory, the

company's specialists place a high priority on the proper mutual location of utility lines

with relation to each other, all the while conforming to all construction norms. This

allows the company to ultimately ensure that the construction site is fully equipped

with engineering and utility lines.

The time it takes to perform the engineering and utility preparation stage has a significant

influence on the date that construction begins. It is therefore crucial that professionals be

entrusted with this type of work.

BKN-Development's specialists have organizational and technical experience in

engineering and utility preparation.

The actions of all the people involved in this complex and labor-intensive process must

be clear and organized in time and space. This is of particular importance when

undertaking integrated construction site development.